'Autumn Fade' Wrap, Hand Spun and Hand woven on Dartmoor in November 2020 by Rosemary Riedel O'Brien, All Photos styled and Captured by Jeska and Dean Hearne at The Future Kept 2020 

On the Wild Rose Autumn Collection 2020;

Whilst each piece is entirely unique, the collection shares the alchemical mixture of Embercombe wools, alpaca fleeces, naturally dyed wools, organic raw spun linens, cotton and a rich colour alignment. Rose has incorporated only British wool and fibres alongside wild harvested ‘non-harm’ silks from ethical sustainable small businesses in the UK that form the body of this one-off collection. Each piece was handspun and woven by Rose in her Dartmoor Studio during November 2020.

Through smell, touch and the use of warm natural colours each bespoke woven item aims to connect its owner to the Landscape it was made in- the wilds of the Moorland and the beauty and magic held within these Isles. 

A special inclusion within the autumn 2020 collection is the use of 4 different fleeces from the sheep of Embercombe- a holistic education centre in Devon where Rose volunteered for 5 months and formed a deep connection to the Sheep of the land. The site at Embercombe is sacred, and has been used for immersive programs and ritualistic events for over 20 years now- the sheep serve as a connection to that landscape and as a result their wool is both vibrant, hardwearing, beautiful and rooted in the story of these lands. These are one off fleeces.

Autumn 2020 Collection for the Future Kept is now live on their website, click on the link to see the available pieces and learn more about the making of collection including the materials and inspiration that went into it;

Wild Rose Weaving; Future Kept Collection 2020

All Photos styled and Captured by Jeska and Dean Hearne at The Future Kept 2020

Below in order;


'Deep Earth'



'Whale Bone'


'An Unexpected Landscape'