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Badger Rug, Contemplation Mat

  • Badger Rug, Contemplation Mat
  • Badger Rug, Contemplation Mat
  • Badger Rug, Contemplation Mat

An Ode to this Being of the Night...

My few encounters with the precious Badger, dweller of the undergrowth, creature of both worlds, has been during a full Moon. I caught two glimpses of Badger in a deep valley in Devon during significant moments in my Life when I needed reminding of the relevance and importance of Anger.

This rug, with its innate connection to the ground aims to imbue the teachings of Power and necessary Fierceness, to let these qualities rise up through your feet and spine so that you may be empowered to feel and release your emotions. Created as a mat to encourage nature connection and contemplation, may it serve the essence and medicine of the precious Badgers and preserve their wonder.

This is an alchemical blend of Hand Spun Devon wool, with locks from the Embercombe Shetland Flock who live in the same valley I have caught sight of Badgers in, on an organic linen warp. It was hand woven by me at my home studio on the Western edge of Dartmoor. It is fairly fine, incredibly hard wearing and can be rolled up and used as a meditation mat to traverse the landscape with.

Width; 59cm
length; 98cm

Care instructions will be emailed to you, should you wish to be a custodian of this piece.