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Deep Waters Blanket

  • Deep Waters Blanket
  • Deep Waters Blanket
  • Deep Waters Blanket
  • Deep Waters Blanket
  • Deep Waters Blanket

The soft glow of a waning crescent moon glimmers across the calm waters of the Ocean. Heron Greys and muted blues fill the horizon with liminal hues and deep clarity. As the Whales call to greet the Dusk, the strong Moon rises into the dark cauldron of the Night...

This is a Blanket that seeks to radiate Calm across the waters of the soul. This is a textile dedicated to enhancing our appreciation and connection to vast bodies of Water, an ode to the element that created our physical form.

A Union between British Swaledale, Gotland and Coridale Wools, with wild harvested Penduncle silk and a silver and blue shimmering Warp, this piece is a homage to the still Ocean, the abyss of beauty and mystery that surrounds these Lands.

Width; 97cm
Length; 177cm


- Hand wash using warm water and natural soap, dry flat
- Some shedding of natural fibres is normal, along side an Earthy scent
- Store in a clear plastic bag if you are planning to store the piece for long amounts of time to protect from clothes moths

Split Payment Options are available! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like this option.


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