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Womb belt of the Dark Drum,
made to honour the Divine Feminine,
Moon cycles
And the Red River that births, supports and sustains All Life.

Cloth of Storm
Cloth of Bee
Cloth of these Islands.

Cloth to Protect
Cloth to Nurture
Cloth to Support
Cloth as Activism.

Creation as a Reverent act.

This womb belt was created as part of a trilogy to honour the Harvest time of abundance and late summer.

Womb belts are beautiful and practical ways to adorn the body, bringing support to your womb and hips during menstruation and other stages in the Moon Womb cycle. They offer holding and warmth during the more tender times of the month and symbolically serve as a way to bring more reverence to our life giving cycles.

I have left the tassels long and flowing, they can be ritually plaited or adorned with beads and shells as a way to develop a relationship with your Cloth.

Wool, nettle and silk Warp threads (the vertical running threads)

Black Welsh mountain, Lonk and Alpaca Wools.

Harris tweed yarn from the Outer Hebrides.

Naturally dyed Ochre Lonk wool, the colour was created via a fermented Madder Vatt and the skin of Pomegranates.

This is an alchemical piece, made in reverence to All Life.

Dimensions (approx);

Tassel length: 50cm
Cloth length: 50cm
Cloth width: 11cm