Warming Moon Blanket

  • Warming Moon Blanket
  • Warming Moon Blanket
  • Warming Moon Blanket
  • Warming Moon Blanket

A variation upon my 'Desert Rose' palette, this blanket emulates calm.

As symbols both the Rose and The Moon have been worshipped for millennia for their softness, radiance, beauty and connection to the Divine Feminine. In an ever shifting global landscape, where the terrain is tough and sharp, 'Warming Moon' offers itself as a sanctuary; a cocoon of serenity to caress its wearer in gentle relaxation, warmth and the offering of peace within a transforming world.

Muted creams, greys, golds and fawns align to create a textile rooted within rest and simplicity. British Alpaca, Wools and silks form a highly tactile experience, one that connects its wearer to the luxury of natural, ethical and sustainable materials.

I offer this piece as a gesture to the Rose, a flower of such beauty, a real Teacher, healer and guide. And I offer this piece to the Radiant Moon, diviner of Waters and mover of Oceans.

May you continue to find holding and sanctuary within the natural world and the web of unconditional love we are all interwoven within.

Dimensions (approx);

Width; 107cm
Length; 210cm


  • Warming Moon Blanket
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