Whale Skin; Made to Order

£234.00 - £420.00
  • Whale Skin; Made to Order
  • Whale Skin; Made to Order
  • Whale Skin; Made to Order

'Whale Skin'- a bespoke textile palette that aims to create a deep ocean atmosphere; one of serenity, contemplation and clear beauty.

The Whale has been recorded creatively throughout history as a Mammal who exudes a profound sense of wisdom and connection to the Great Mother, the divine life force that connects all living beings. The Whale first came to me as a symbol in dream during my first few months as a Weaving Apprentice. I have worked with the energy of Whale for nearly 2 years and offer Whale Skin as a reflection of my experiences communing with this Sacred Animal.

The 'Whale Skin' textile is available in Blanket, Rug and Shawl sizes. I am also open to taking custom dimensions for this cloth. Please use the contact form for all enquiries.

Lead time; 6-8 weeks


Shawl sizes;

Small; width: 45cm, length; 200cm; £234
Medium; width; 58cm, length; 225cm; £280
Large; width; 76cm, length; 230cm; £320

Blanket sizes;

Small; 100cm by 200cm; £390
Medium; 110cm by 210cm; £420
Large; 120cm by 220cm; £450
Extra large Throw; 220cm by 250cm; £650

Rug sizes;

Available upon request. Please use the contact form for enquiries regarding the Whale Skin rug dimensions.

Split Payment Options are available! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like this option.

Please bear in mind that due to the organic nature of working with natural fibres and hand making items, each design will differ slightly from the original.


  • Shawl; Small
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  • Shawl; Medium
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  • Shawl; Large
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  • Blanket; Small
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  • Blanket; Medium
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  • Blanket; Large
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