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Whale Song Blanket

  • Whale Song Blanket
  • Whale Song Blanket
  • Whale Song Blanket

A Blanket in homage to Calm Waters.
Subtle blue greys radiate peace and clarity.
Silvery Moonlit warp threads offer a gateway into the wisdom and harmony of the Great Whale.
A cloth to cocoon in,
to find harmony within,
and to be surrounded in the soft warmth of natural fibres and the richness of a slow crafted item imbued with Love and Presence.

This is a Hand Blended, Spun and Woven Medium sized Blanket/Wrap. It contains Wild Harvested Penduncle Silk, British Swaledale and Gotland Wool.

It is a smaller investment than my other Blankets as it is more prone to shedding due to the nature of the fibres used. Some wool may malt from the piece, but this will settle with time and wear.


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