'Something about the way Rose teaches feels like a direct portal to the Ancient Ones. The Knowledge that she shares along with Rose's ability to deeply listen to Spiritual threads and magical undercurrents translates across thousands of miles. Through her gentle encouragement and practical tips, our 1-1 sessions have greatly influenced my spinning and weaving. Our time together has been a gift and has left me greatly inspired.'

- Extract from Heidi Struble's Testimonial, Summer 2021

Transferring the sacred Crafts of Spinning, Weaving and Natural Dying is a Love of mine. Over the past year and a half I have taught a variety of in person 1-1 sessions, group workshops and online courses that serve to unify the practical hands on elements of making with the symbolism and spirituality behind each process. 

I offer 1:1 and group Weaving, Spinning and Natural dying workshops in Dartmoor and Devon. I provide a longer series of workshops under the title of 'The Way of the Web'. This is a continuation and a deepening into witnessing the craft as a sacred vessel of transformation via the narrative of ancient skills and techniques. We work through each stage in the process from Raw fibre to Woven cloth as we combine the practical with the spiritual. Starting with processing our materials, spinning them into thread, playing with the alchemy of natural dye techniques, warping the loom, weaving the cloth and birthing our material. The sessions can be held weekly, monthly or bi-monthly to suit your learning style and life style. 

I also provide Online Spinning and Weaving tuition for those over seas or currently unable to travel. I suggest links to tools and materials that we will use during our sessions and am also able to send packages of specific materials and tools upon request. Whilst teaching online is a different experience to in-person sessions, our time together is still as valuable and informative. Please use the contact form for all Online Tuition enquiries and head to the 'Testimonials' page for feedback on the online and in-person sessions I have held. 

Please follow my social media pages for information regarding group sessions, and email me for information on 1-1 online or in person tuition. 


Many Blessings,