'Rose truly weaves magic. Her work is a beautiful alchemical process and the pieces that unfold through her hands are truly powerful. She weaves with mastery and intention, melding wool and plant essences into a tactile and sensory experience. The Wrap I commissioned from her is a potent treasure I hold beyond dear. Rose collected plant medicine with which to dye my piece, imbuing the wool with healing and support specific to my own journey. The warmth I receive when wrapping my shoulders in her exquisite work comes from the expertly woven fibres but also the beautiful intentionality of her weaving. This piece is an heirloom, both in its fine craftsmanship and sacred nature. I am beyond grateful to be held in its warmth and to have gained a sister in Rose' - Krissa of Selkie Handmade, a Handcrafter of fine Adornements

' Something about the way Rose teaches feels like a direct portal to the Ancient Ones. The Knowledge that she shares along with Rose's ability to deeply listen to Spiritual threads and magical undercurrents translates across thousands of miles. Through her gentle encouragement and practical tips, our 1-1 sessions have greatly influenced my spinning and weaving. Our time together has been a gift and has left me greatly inspired. In addition, I have one of Rose's very special Shawls. Wearing such a meaningful piece imbued with the energy of vast Landscapes, reindeer bones, and connection wraps me in comfort and brings me Home. It is one I will cherish forever.' - Heidi Struble, Artist, Spinner and Weaver

'Right from my first call with Rose I knew I had found exactly the right teacher for me. Rose has such a deep understanding and passion for her craft which was super inspiring. Over the course of a few months I learnt how to spin, card and weave wool but also so much more including being able to explore the spiritual side of weaving with Rose, enabling me to connect with my ancestral roots to weaving. It was such a beautiful time learning from her and I can’t wait to come back and learn more as I progress with my own practice. Thank you very much Rose for such a wonderful experience! Emma.' - Emma Butterworth