Womb Wrap Workshop

  • Womb Wrap Workshop
  • Womb Wrap Workshop
  • Womb Wrap Workshop
  • Womb Wrap Workshop
  • Womb Wrap Workshop

I am so pleased to say that I’ll be holding a Womb Wrap making workshop on the 21st and 22nd of October.

We will be nestled in a beautiful, comfortable and spacious yurt in a quiet part of Totnes, South Devon.

Our time will be a cauldron of learning, sisterhood, ceremony, celebration, ease, joy, relaxation, embodiment and deep listening.

Our focus on Saturday will be learning to use a Drop Spindle, warping the rigid heddle loom and preparing our yarns and fibres ready to start weaving on Saturday afternoon or Sunday, inter-dispersed with meditation, movement, story and song. There will be an option to borrow the looms and tools on the Saturday evening should you desire.

Sunday will offer us a day of weaving, flow and the finishing of the cloth, birthing the belt from the Loom.

Alongside the practical elements of learning new and ancient crafts, our time will be rooted in ceremony and ritual.

This is an invitation to bring reverence, honouring and deep listening to your womb space.

Womb wraps offer physical support and holding during the many phases of the month, moon and our lives. They bind our hips and support our pelvis’s and are an essential component to aid in womb and pelvic health. They energetically attune us to our womb centres and the work of making them is a display of peaceful activism. We must reclaim reverence for the feminine form.

Before, during and after the process of creating your own womb wrap, having gone through all of the stages of making, you will imbue your cloth with your personal intention, protection and story. This is a powerful act.

I choose to work with an intimate group of 3 women so as to create a safe and sacred space in which ritual and the exploration of creativity are mutually encouraged and supported.

We will be joined by Samsara, a Birth Keeper and holder of womb wisdom, on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I'm so pleased that she will be able to join us.

With our intention being to Weave and Spin a Womb Wrap Cloth, I suggest that you spend some time tuning in to your wombs intentions for the wrap and the weekend if you are called to join. I will be sending information regarding preparing for our time together personally by email.

We will work together between 10am to 5pm each day. Tea and light snacks will be provided, but you are asked to bring your own lunch and accommodate for your personal dietary requirements.

If the financial exchange for this weekend is out of reach, I can offer split payments or a payment plan. There is the option to pay a deposit of £50 which you can also find on my website in the 'workshops' section.

I am happy to answer any questions,
For now I offer my blessings and gratitude,
And so it will be,

Rosemary 🌹


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