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  • Deer-Mother
  • Deer-Mother
  • Deer-Mother
  • Deer-Mother
  • Deer-Mother

Soft footed wanderer
Keeper of the Olde ways
One who Knows
One who shows
One who visits in the cool dew
and offers honey and healing and hope.

Oh Deer Mother
You were the one to tell us of our becoming
you heard my beckoning
and bought the fertile fawn to the soft bed of my womb.

Show us the way now
in our becoming
we are Mother
and we place our trust
in your trods
Bringer of the white way
hear our call.

The Deer have been a guiding light in my journey through vastly textured landscapes and the various trials and tribulations of a life. Time and again the Deer offer their gentle listening ear, and the wisdom of ancient pathways, to gift insight and a wise knowing of the woods.

This is the seventh piece to arise from the land of the loom as part of my Becoming Mother collection. In a way it is a distillation of every piece that has come before. It honours the innate knowing of the Land as Midwife, and seeks to honour the primordial dance, in reverence to the ways of the Deer and our ancestral connection to them.

It marries wild woollen locks from a regeneratively grazed flock from a close corner of Devon, alongside a variety of British wools, wild harvested muga silk and a single warp thread of Dartmoor Whiteface wool.

There is the option to buy a hand crafted Shawl pin, shaped by my Partner from Local foraged Devon Oak, finished with Organic Linseed oil. You'll find the listing in the 'products' section of the website. The 'Deer' pin captured here is available as a made to order piece.

There is always the option to pay in instalments. Get in contact via email if you would like to discuss a payment plan.

With Gratitude to Lauren of Bare Folk Photography for the beautiful Imagery.