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  • Bear-Mother
  • Bear-Mother
  • Bear-Mother
  • Bear-Mother
  • Bear-Mother

Bear Mother.

In her ancient arms we are cocooned.
Primordial Mother of Land
and Hearth
and Loom.

Cave dwelling creature,
She of the protective veils.
Soft furred nurturer,
Fierce Mother of stone hearts.
Your wisdom still ripples here,
For the Land holds you in reverent Palms.

This is the second piece to emerge as part of a new collection of Work.

Although Bears have long since left this Emerald Isle, there are remnants of them still. In the limestone caves, buried deep beneath the earth, atop granite tors and sometimes, if you listen openly, you can hear their sound on the wind.

The spirit of Bear teaches me of strength, of gentle mothering, of fierce protection, of vast softness and sharp teeth. Bear feels wild and roaming, grounded and divine. A true Nurturer.


This piece will be photographed alongside the others that arise, and will be available to purchase from May onwards.

This piece has now been reserved, but is available in its essence as 'Made to Order' from the Autumn. Please do get in contact for all enquiries.

There is always the option to pay in instalments. Get in contact via email if you would like to discuss a payment plan.