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  • Earth-Mother
  • Earth-Mother
  • Earth-Mother
  • Earth-Mother

And around you
I will weave
A cloak of safety,
A textile of Land,
A cloth of the Lichen clad
Who roams the hills
Where White Horse Hill
Would once sit and string
her amber beads
Onto the primordial necklace
Of reverence
and light
and soil.

This weaving was made in praise of the wild lichen that hangs and fringes so many moorland trees, rocks, crags.
The precious lichen, who symbolise Union- the sacred merging of algae and fungi.
And of course, the beloved Haw berries, who offer heart tending and stand in contrast with their crimson red, out from within wisps of luminous green.

Thank you, oh Earth, for your consistent and unyielding beauty.

This piece is the first in my Spring collection.
Over the next few moons I’m flowing with the tides and aiming to create a small body of work that honours this time, and this life.

This piece will be photographed alongside the others that arise, and will be available to purchase from May onwards. If you would like to reserve this Woven Textile, please contact me directly.

There is always the option to pay in instalments. Get in contact via email if you would like to discuss a payment plan.