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  • Rose-Mother
  • Rose-Mother
  • Rose-Mother
  • Rose-Mother
  • Rose-Mother

Soft sunken folds,
Of rose and petal and pearlescent glow.
Warm sands
and the gentle gold
Of all suns.

Where the warp meets the weft
A place of nurture is tended into being.

Cloth, our most intimate ally,
Cocoons us in safety
And holds us in the strong
Steady hands of our
Earth-Mother ✨ 🌹 ✨

This is the fourth piece to arise from my loom as part of a family of work, who are in emergence alongside the rising spring 🌱

I’ve worked with the essence of ‘Desert Rose’ for around 3 years now. And every time these tones ask to be danced, I surrender to their purity, their beauty and their sense of utter grace. Here, in response to my pregnancy and passageway into Motherhood, I have chosen to name her Rose-Mother ✨🕸🌸🕸✨

This piece will be photographed alongside the others that arise, and will be available to purchase from May onwards. If you would like to reserve this Woven Textile, please contact me directly.

There is always the option to pay in instalments. Get in contact via email if you would like to discuss a payment plan.