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Wolf- Mother

  • Wolf- Mother
  • Wolf- Mother
  • Wolf- Mother
  • Wolf- Mother
  • Wolf- Mother


Swift venturer
Lightly padding over hill and snow and woodland.

Oh Wolf Mother,
Bringer of milk and growl and sweet

Oh Wolf-Mother
Wild and wise,
May you live on,
May you call your ancient song,
That primordial howl
That shatters bone
And opens hearts.

Oh Wolf-Mother
This cloth is yours,
Made in reverence to your holy tone.

This is the third piece to arrive from my carder, wheel, loom and hands as part of a slowly growing collection of work. This body is forming, as I often find, to hold honour for the Goddess who is present in all things and consistently needing threads of hope and recognition to be woven into her collective tapestry.

I’m grateful for these materials who offer themselves with such ease and joy to my hungry tools.

May the Wolf continue to be protected, respected and honoured as a companion and powerful part within this wheel of Life 🕸✨🐺✨🕸

This piece will be photographed alongside the others that arise, and will be available to purchase from May onwards. If you would like to reserve this Woven Textile, please contact me directly.

There is always the option to pay in instalments. Get in contact via email if you would like to discuss a payment plan.