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Heron- Mother

  • Heron- Mother
  • Heron- Mother
  • Heron- Mother
  • Heron- Mother
  • Heron- Mother

Heron-Mother 🪶

Keeper of the waters melodies.
Grey coated crone of the rivers edge.
Marsh Walker,
Stream Spinner.

You feel vast and ancient and holy.

Bird of screeching song,
Bringer of the Dawn
Bright spark of morning.
This cloth honours your Calling.

The Heron has been present in my life as a Way-finder- one who guides the edges and has been the guardian to many of my threshold crossings.

I’ve visited Heron through cloth a handful of times, and each time I’m presented with the humble and immense power of this beautiful bird. For me, the Heron holds the mantle of strange grace and primordial essence, a wildling who reminds me to stay true to the raw essence of my aliveness.

This is the 5th piece to arise as part of my budding Spring Collection 🌀

As the equinox graces us with external balance, May the world hold the prayer of harmony at our core ✨🌹🌱

This piece will be photographed alongside the others that arise, and will be available to purchase from May onwards. If you would like to reserve this Woven Textile, please contact me directly.

There is always the option to pay in instalments. Get in contact via email if you would like to discuss a payment plan.