Body as Altar; Made to Order

  • Body as Altar; Made to Order
  • Body as Altar; Made to Order
  • Body as Altar; Made to Order
  • Body as Altar; Made to Order
  • Body as Altar; Made to Order

Moon Necklace and Womb Wrap: A set of adornments to honour the sacred womb space.

~ This work is in collaboration between Clara Troy of Tender Thorn and Rosemary Riedel O’Brien of Wild Rose Weaving ~

This is an opportunity to co-create a set of ritual adornments made by us, for you. These Ritual Objects are for anyone who connects with the Womb space. They can be worn when bleeding, or anytime you feel to connect with or to adorn yourself. We feel that working directly with you means that we can tailor the adornments to align with your experience of the womb space, including the colours and materials that feel symbolic and significant to your life.

The Womb Wrap is a hand spun and hand woven alchemical combination of natural fibres. Linens, wools, silks and naturally dyed red thread have been carefully crafted into a soft and cocooning wrap made to honour the energetic womb space and cyclical nature of life. Worn around the womb or lower tummy, this wrap offers holding, warmth and connection to All Life, Death and Rebirth. This is an ode to our inner seasons and the power that we can harness from each precious phase of the cycle.

The Moon Necklace is a sacred adornment handmade from natural materials, antique red glass, coral, mother of pearl shell, ceramic, pearls, sterling silver and gold plated fastenings. Worn around the neck this piece offers ritual adornment to celebrate the beauty, potency and resonance with creative source; earth.

If you have a treasured object that you would like to be reworked into your hand crafted adornment you can send it to us and we will include it in the set!

Please Note; Prices of individual commissions may vary or change alongside the crafting process, in agreement with the customer.

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