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Storm; Made to Order

£360.00 - £420.00
  • Storm; Made to Order
  • Storm; Made to Order

I am now taking orders for this Blanket, a favourite of mine. I developed the original design for my Autumn 2020 collection for the Future Kept but have decided to list it on a 'made to order' basis.

The story of this piece begins on the Western Edge of Dartmoor in a deep valley alongside a raging river. A huge surge of water was flowing down the river as the whole valley and Moorland was ensconced within a huge Autumnal Storm. The wind was howling, the leaves were swirling aimlessly through the air and the rain fell as though it were trying to penetrate the deepest layers of earth.

Within this Storm a huge creative force was conjured up within me. I spent hours upon hours channelling this energy into fibre and yarn. It was a truly wild and powerful experience working with one of natures most intense weather states and as a result I look upon this piece with a fondness of that time and an admiration of the untameable energy of Mother Earth.

Approximate Dimensions;
Small; 100cm by 200cm; £360
Medium; 110cm by 210cm; £390
Large; 120cm by 220cm; £420

Custom sizes available, please use the contact form for all enquiries.

Lead time; 6-8 weeks

Split Payment Options are available! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like this option.

Please bear in mind that due to the organic nature of working with natural fibres and hand making items, each design will differ slightly from the original.

Gratitude to Jeska and Dean Hearne at The Future Kept for styling and photographing this piece, Autumn 2020.