Womb Belt; Made to Order

£66.00 - £111.00
  • Womb Belt; Made to Order
  • Womb Belt; Made to Order
  • Womb Belt; Made to Order

The Womb is the Sacred Portal that connects All Life.
Cocoon your womb space,
bind your hips,
offer reverence to this holy and vital place.
Let yourself be held, wrapped in wool and land and sky.
It is time to reclaim
the ancient practises of honouring
body as land, earth as hearth, life as an act of devotion.

Use the Contact form to get in touch and receive a set of questions that will form the bones and foundations of the piece, allowing spaciousness for you to ensure that your Cloth, your Habit, is rich in symbolism and personalised Beauty. Please note that there will be additional cost if you request that your piece has large quantities of naturally dyed yarn as this is a time consuming and costly process.

I also hold Womb Wrap Making small group workshops or 1-1's in the Devon/West England regions.


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