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Womb Belt; Made to Order

£111.00 - £177.00
  • Womb Belt; Made to Order
  • Womb Belt; Made to Order
  • Womb Belt; Made to Order
  • Womb Belt; Made to Order
  • Womb Belt; Made to Order

Let the cloth hold you.
Let you belly
Your body
Be at ease.

The Womb is the Sacred Portal that connects All Life.

Cocoon your womb space,
bind your hips,
offer reverence to this holy and vital place.

Let yourself be held, wrapped in wool and land and sky.

It is time to reclaim
the ancient practises of honouring
body as land, earth as hearth, life as an act of devotion.

Use the Contact form to get in touch and receive a set of questions that will form the bones and foundations of your sacred womb belt.

This process allows for spaciousness to ensure that your Cloth, your Habit, is rich in symbolism and personalised Beauty.

Dimensions are Approximate. The width will determine how much of your womb and belly are covered, and the length of the piece is the measurement around your hips which you can take using a measurement tape and email over to me. These sizes are guidelines. The first image is a Small Womb belt sizing, the second is medium and the third image is Large with adornment. The fourth image is also a large womb wrap sizing, and the final image is a custom extra wide belt;

Width: 10cm
Length: 60-120cm

Width: 15cm
Length: 60-120cm

Width: 20cm
Length: 60-120cm

I can make custom sizes upon request.
You can add the option of adornment. This will involve me adding embroidery, beads, bones etc depending on your request.

I also hold Womb Wrap Making small group workshops or 1-1's in the Devon/West England regions. My next womb belt making ceremony is planned for the February 17th and 18th.