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Made to Order; Forgotten Tor Blanket

£390.00 - £450.00
  • Made to Order; Forgotten Tor Blanket
  • Made to Order; Forgotten Tor Blanket

A design created for my 2021 Autumn Collection made for The Future Kept.

Stone and Seal greys, Midnight blues and off whites co-create a Blanket in homage to the Lost Places, an ode to the wonders of Tor and Granite and the harsh sculptural points that shape Dartmoor.

A note upon the Collection within which this piece emerged;

'As a whole they form a mystical dream-like landscape, each piece is entirely unique and these blanket and wraps aim to cocoon their wearers in the wonders of this Myth-soaked landscape in order to provide beauty, warmth and a sense of holding as we being to enter and traverse the darker half of the year'

Investment and Approximate Dimensions;

Small; 100cm by 200cm; £360
Medium; 110cm by 210cm; £390
Large; 120cm by 220cm; £420

Lead time; 6-8 weeks

Split Payment Options are available! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like this option.

Please bear in mind that due to the organic nature of working with natural fibres and hand making items, each design will differ slightly from the original.

Gratitude to Jeska and Dean Hearne at The Future Kept for styling and photographing this piece, Autumn 2021.