Made to Order; Divination Cloth

  • Made to Order; Divination Cloth
  • Made to Order; Divination Cloth

A cloth to divine- a cloth to welcome in the spirits- a cloth to call in the Three goddesses- a cloth to play with and explore- a cloth as gateway to the divine- a cloth as a vessel for alchemy and magic- a cloth to help you see- a cloth to honour and heal the web of Wyrd- a cloth to aid in dreaming...

The pictured example is my personal divination cloth, one that I will bury in the earth or burn over the fire after 7 years of love and use. I offer this service as a way to aid in connection to the joyful and simply magical quality of Aliveness. We are here in this precious life, and I have found divination methods- such as 'The Weavers Oracle' pictured here, to be gateways to an increased awareness of the subtle energies that move in and around us every minute of every hour.

Each piece will be entirely unique to you- you may wish to email me with a few words or even a large narrative on what you would like the cloth to represent, including the colours and textures you desire. Or you may wish to say nothing at all, and leave the process to my hands. Whatever it is you desire, I welcome it.

Sizing will be organic and spontaneous unless you have specified otherwise- I intend each cloth to be able to hold 4 large oracle cards, many runes and other natural objects such as stones, leaves, flowers and bones.

Lead time; 6-8 weeks


- Hand wash using warm water and natural soap, dry flat
- Some shedding of natural fibres is normal, along side an Earthy scent
- Store in a clear plastic bag if you are planning to store the piece for long amounts of time to protect from clothes moths


  • Divination Cloth
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