Made to Order; Divination Cloth

  • Made to Order; Divination Cloth
  • Made to Order; Divination Cloth
  • Made to Order; Divination Cloth

A cloth to divine- a cloth to welcome in the spirits- a cloth to call in the Three goddesses- a cloth to play with and explore- a cloth as gateway to the divine- a cloth as a vessel for alchemy and magic- a cloth to help you see- a cloth to honour and heal the web of Wyrd- a cloth to aid in dreaming...

Sizing will be organic and spontaneous unless you have specified otherwise- I intend each cloth to be able to hold 4 large oracle cards, many runes and other natural objects such as stones, leaves, flowers and bones. This is a bespoke service that is offered in reverence to All Life. I will email you with a few questions to help seed the piece into being.

Approx size (Bigger sizes can be made and will vary in price, use the contact form for any commission queries);
width; 22cm
length; 42cm

Please Note; Prices of individual commissions may vary or change alongside the crafting process, in agreement with the customer.

Lead time; 6-8 weeks


- Hand wash using warm water and natural soap, dry flat
- Some shedding of natural fibres is normal, along side an Earthy scent
- Store in a clear plastic bag if you are planning to store the piece for long amounts of time to protect from clothes moths


  • Divination Cloth
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