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Made to Order; Ember

£195.00 - £320.00
  • Made to Order; Ember
  • Made to Order; Ember

Ember, a piece of beginnings, a textile in honour of warmth, depth and darkness.

A bringer of Light.

Oak and peat browns, with fox reds and heron greys, cloud hues and golden haze, Ember is a celebration of the Earth, the fires and the abundant beauty in natural fibres.

Dimensions (all dimensions are approximate, please allow for the changeability and unpredictability of hand craft and organic materials)

Scarf; Width: 14cm, length 190cm
Small Shawl; width: 45cm, length; 200cm
Medium Shawl; width; 58cm, length; 210cm
Large Shawl; width; 70cm, length; 215cm

Custom sizes are also available.

Lead time; 4-6 weeks

Please bear in mind that due to the organic nature of working with natural fibres and hand making items, each design will differ slightly from the original.

Split Payment Options are available! If you would like to pay in 2 instalments I have a listing titled 'Shawl Payment Instalments' that will allow you to pay half now and half whenever is convenient. You can then either email me to request an Ember Shawl or write it on the comments with your Order. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information.

Gratitude to Jeska and Dean Hearne of The Future Kept for the Photography and Styling of these pieces, Autumn 2021.