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Rugs; Made to Order

  • Rugs; Made to Order
  • Rugs; Made to Order
  • Rugs; Made to Order

A bespoke Hand Spun and Woven textile for the home. Using an alchemical mixture of hard wearing linen threads, ethical wools and peace silks I aim to create rugs of beauty and longevity. I ply the threads I have spun together to produce a thicker, more textured and harder wearing textile.

Investment and size guidelines;
60cm x 80cm (plus fringe) £400 fireside rug/ smallest size
80cm x 100cm (plus fringe) £420
80cm x 115cm (plus fringe) £440
100cm x 115cm (plus fringe) £480
115cm x 115cm (plus fringe) £500 square format
120cm x 115cm (plus fringe) £520
140cm x 115cm (plus fringe) £560
160cm x 115cm (plus fringe) £600
180cm x 115cm (plus fringe) £640
200cm x 115cm (plus fringe) £680

Please use the contact form for all enquiries and bespoke orders.

Split Payment Options are available! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like this option.