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Made to Order; Dreaming Owl Blanket

£390.00 - £450.00
  • Made to Order; Dreaming Owl Blanket
  • Made to Order; Dreaming Owl Blanket
  • Made to Order; Dreaming Owl Blanket

I don't quite know where to begin with the Story behind this Piece. Sometimes the essence of inspiration is easy to articulate, but the nature of Owl, a Being that I associate with deep wisdom and elegance, is one of Mystery.

I suppose it all began with a Dream. Owl visited me in my Dreams on two occasions in the weeks leading up to the making of this Blanket. I also came across two Owl feathers and 3 separate sitings of Owl around my Home. I felt a deep calling to transfer these moments of synchronicity into fibre, yarn and cloth.

And so 'Dreaming Owl' was born. My intention upon making it was clear- I wanted it to cocoon its Owner in the deep ancient mystery of Owl, the unwavering Wisdom of such a magical Bird, and as always a way to offer a gateway in which to connect to the Landscape and the wonders of our Aliveness.

Perhaps you have your own connection with the Owls of this world, and therefore can infuse your experience into the piece?

Hand Spun British Wools, some from Fernhill fibre in Somerset, some from Devon and elsewhere in the country.
Wild Harvested Muga Silk
British Fawn Alpaca
Cotton/Linen Warp

Size Guide (Custom sizes available upon request)
Small; 100cm by 200cm; £390
Medium; 110cm by 210cm; £420
Large; 120cm by 220cm; £450

I also take custom orders for large 240cm by 220cm+ Throws.
Please use the contact form for all enquiries and design options.

Lead time; 6-8 weeks

Split Payment Options are available! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like this option.