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Herons Wing

  • Herons Wing
  • Herons Wing
  • Herons Wing
  • Herons Wing
  • Herons Wing

I have grown deeply fond of the Herons I see by this spot at the River. I'm often there at dusk, for a swim or meander, and recognise their heavy, draping wings as they fly overhead. Have you ever heard their call? It's almost a shriek! A sharp cutting sound that reverberates over the landscape, past the surface of the river, and into your ear drums.

This piece is so light in weight, tone and essence. It's a homage to the flight of Heron, to the Gatekeeper at the Waters Edge.

This scarf holds a narrative of Warmth, Connection and Simple Beauty. This is a Textile dedicated to the cocooning of the neck, chest and upper back, an upper body adornment that wraps to lock in warmth and comfort. It can also be used as a finer, thiner shawl, to drape over the shoulders.

This scarf emerged as a response to a poem I recently wrote, which speaks of Heron and how those sacred birds have called to me. There will be a short video based on my Craft practise with the words of the poem alongside the stages from wool to weft posted on my social media shortly.

Dimensions (approx);

Length; 178cm
Width; 25cm


- Hand wash using warm water and natural soap, dry flat
- Some shedding of natural fibres is normal, along side an Earthy scent
- Store in a clear plastic bag if you are planning to store the piece for long amounts of time to protect from clothes moths

Split Payment Options are available! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like this option.