Hearth of Sala

  • Hearth of Sala
  • Hearth of Sala
  • Hearth of Sala
  • Hearth of Sala
  • Hearth of Sala

This Hanging textile is a celebration of the Feminine principles and our innate connection to the Land. A 'Hearth' is a folk name for fire place, and 'Sala' is the Proto-Celtic word for 'Moorland'. This Craft Work is a reflection of the fire that burns at the heart of All Things.

I have lived either on or near to Dartmoor in the South West of England for the majority of my Spinning and Weaving journey. I am an Apprentice to the ways, knowings and teachings of this sacred and precious land and devote my life's work to re-membering and preserving the magic of this Island. This Hanging was made in reverence and deep respect to Dartmoor and all those seen and unseen who dwell with her.

I was inspired to create this piece to mark the birthing of The Hearth of Sala Artists collective. It was spun and woven in ceremony at my studio nestled in a Devonshire Valley near the river Dart, and naturally dyed at my previous studio on the Western edge of Dartmoor.

Black Welsh Mountain Breed Wool, Wild Harvested Muga Silk, Naturally dyed hemp/wool yarn, Madder Root dyed uk Texel breed wool, found Bird bone on the Eastern edge of the Moor, Dartmoor Goarse stick and a linen/cotton blended warp.

Width; 22cm
Length: 76cm


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