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Dark Moon

  • Dark Moon
  • Dark Moon
  • Dark Moon
  • Dark Moon
  • Dark Moon

Hand Spun and Hand Woven in Deep Admiration during the Transition to the Yew Moon Phase in November 2021, this Scarf pays homage to the Ethereal, Omnipresent, Guide, Healer and Enchantress- The Moon.

This Rooted and Earthly Scarf was the First piece within the Lunar series to arise from the Cave of the Loom. The Dark Moon rests in the depth of the Night, marking the Stillness and Grounding that must come before the Light can return.

Peat Browns, Rusts, Golds and Granite Greys fused together in the Coven of the Weavery to create this intricately textured Scarf. With a narrative of Deepening, this is a Textile dedicated to the cocooning of the neck, chest and upper back, an upper body adornment that wraps to lock in warmth and comfort.

The Long and winding Length of this scarf makes it suited to those who love to wrap and cosy up into a Full and Thick material, with chunky texture and long drape, dripping in Gold. Please get in contact if you would like to see her worn.

Hand Spun British Wools, with textured locks from Fernhill Fibre, and Wild Harvested Silks alchemised to create this Gentle Scarf Being, with gratitude to Weavers of Olde.


Width; 28cm
Length; 230cm

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