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I have since come to learn after the making of this piece, that a Tundra, in the sense of Landscape, is one with inhibited growth and biodiversity usually on the uplands of a bare Mountain plain. This piece was never intended to pay homage to such a landscape, but rather to honour texture itself as the gateway to touch- or so I thought. How this textile came to be named after such a unique biome is a long and winding story, interwoven with connection, oracle and spirit. It's a story I won't go into depth here, but if you feel called to know more about the process and dreaming behind this Wrap then please do email me.

If you're familiar with The Weaver's Oracle by Carolyn Hillyer you may recall a card called 'Shard; Shaman Weaver of Tundra', she weaves a thousand Reindeer souls. The story of that card came to be interwoven with the energy and essences that spun together to form this one-off Wrap. It is an energy that I am familiar yet distant with- an energy that embodies strength and subtle beauty and a dedication to the textures that create a landscape. And it is an energy to fill your heart and hearth with the spirit of the Reindeer and all Deer, the bones of the earth and the song of a distant ancestral land.

British Texel Wool
Wendsleydale fleece from Fernhill Fibre Somerset
Wild Harvested Muga Silk
Organic cotton and linen warp
British BFL wools
Baby Alpaca Fleeces

Width; 50cm, with variation
Length; 220cm long