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A coastal walk at the weekend lead me to observing the objects that make up the liminal landscape between sea and land. Shells, dried seaweeds and driftwoods were scattered in that sandy space that seems to call so many of us to its shores. This shell in particular called to me, for I had never seen such a rich and vibrant pink in a natural form. The colours seemed so joyful, the pink so youthful and playful.

Pinks to me represent our inner child, our need and desire to be free, to dance, to laugh and to marvel in the beauty of our aliveness.

My experience on the beach with this shell in my palm and the winter sun on my face lead me to create this piece in such a calm and open way.

May its Wearer be wrapped in a shawl that provides light, softness, comfort and vibrancy and the sacredness of this precious Shell.

Small; width: 45cm, length; 200cm
Medium; width; 58cm, length; 210cm
Large; width; 70cm, length; 215cm

Warp (vertical threads); Shetland wool, silk and linen blend, Eco-dyed Mulberry Silk
Weft (horizontal threads); British Texel wool, Wild Harvested Muga silk, Eco-dyed Mulberry silk, Fawn and Grey Baby Alpaca